Hyperscale, Europe, edge, executives, earnings

  • September 21, 2020
  • Source: Philbert Shih

It was a busy week across the sector as we came out of holidays in the US, Canada and UK. The past week saw a number of important developments in Europe, a series of executive shuffles, while edge deployments, especially of the micro data centre variety, continue to gain momentum even amid the pandemic environment.

Europe continues to be the next frontier for hyperscale growth and expansion. CyrusOne shared insights about its European progress, while NTT GDC and Echelon began new builds in London. The FLAP markets continue to be the focus in Europe, but an emerging tier is coming and Madrid is one of them. Interxion recently acquired more land in Madrid as it anticipates and plans for future demand.

The edge is showing early signs of momentum as live deployments become real. We recently spoke with EdgeMicro and got details on the five new sites added to its footprint. Edge deployment models are diversifying and we also take a closer look at what Microsoft can enable.

Earnings season has wound down and hyperscale cloud in APAC – Alibaba Cloud and Kingsoft Cloud – continues to show steady growth. Meanwhile, the pandemic is driving more consumption for services like Zoom, which reported explosive growth.

Leasing remains a popular option for hyperscale platforms, but self-builds in certain markets make sense, especially when there is limited inventory. Google recently revealed plans to build yet more capacity in Taiwan, a market that would fit that description.

Finally, there has been significant shuffling of management teams. CyrusOne has a new CEO and saw some c-level changesiomart will get a new CEO and StackPath has a new CTO.