Philbert Shih on Compass Data Centers, Canadian Data Centre Market

  • January 14, 2020

Source: National Post

With backing from Teachers’ and one of Canada’s richest families, Compass Datacenters plans an ambitious expansion

Video streaming, business software platforms and even banks: increasingly, they run off the cloud services of Amazon, Microsoft and Google. The tech giants house all those servers in gargantuan, windowless hangars built by companies like Compass Datacenters. After buying its way into Montreal last summer, the Dallas-headquartered firm has big plans. Backed by one of Canada’s largest institutional investors and one of the country’s richest families, it wants to increase its presence north of the border as part of a projected US$3-billion worldwide expansion. Said Compass International president AJ Byers, “We’re going to see demand [for] cloud services in every city over time.”

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