Jabez Tan on Equinix acquisition of TelecityGroup

  • May 29, 2015

Source: Data Center Knowledge

Equinix Will Acquire Telecity Group Ending Proposed Interxion Merger

“Equinix can use Telecity to double down in the top four European markets and extend into new ones that have long-term potential,” said Jabez Tan, senior analyst, Structure Research. “Markets like Helsinki, for example, could be gateways to the wider Scandinavian region.”


Jabez Tan on Singapore data centre market as gateway to China

  • March 25, 2015

Source: Data Center Knowledge

The Allure of Singapore, the World’s Second Gateway to China

Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s more mature data center markets, Jabez Tan, senior analyst at Structure Research, says. Telcos dominate data center markets in other parts of the region, while Singapore has a good mix of both telcos and data center specialists.

The primary reason the small island nation has such an active data center market is that it has become an Internet gateway between China…


Jabez Tan on data centre efficiency

  • March 6, 2015

Source: Processor Magazine

How Efficient is Your Colocation Provider?

According to Jabez Tan, senior analyst at Structure Research, PUE, or “the total power coming into the facility and how much of the power is actually delivered at the rack level” is a metric that you don’t want to immediately take face value.

“With data center providers using market teams and PR teams, they’re really good at throwing out , but you really need to dig deeper and be more hands-on…


Jabez Tan on Vantage Data Centers

  • January 19, 2015

Source: Data Center Knowledge

Vantage CEO: Model T Approach No Longer Works for Wholesale Market

“There are not too many wholesale players with the quality and flexibility of Vantage,” Jabez Tan, said senior analyst at Structure Research, said. “They can accommodate efficient high-density deployments without some of the typical caveats, like a set amount of floor space for a set amount of critical power, which leads to wasted floor space.”


Jabez Tan on Colt acquisition of KVH

  • November 13, 2014

Source: Data Center Knowledge

Colt Acquires KVH in Asia Pacific Expansion

“The acquisition puts Colt in a position to address the emerging strategic interest of global data center providers to establish footprints within core connectivity hubs in Asia,” Jabez Tan, senior analyst for data centers at Structure Research, said. “KVH enables Colt to serve both existing customers and address new opportunities in Asia, providing a platform for Colt from which it can build upon to make the shift into a…

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