Jabez Tan on Vantage Data Centers

  • January 19, 2015

Source: Data Center Knowledge

Vantage CEO: Model T Approach No Longer Works for Wholesale Market

“There are not too many wholesale players with the quality and flexibility of Vantage,” Jabez Tan, said senior analyst at Structure Research, said. “They can accommodate efficient high-density deployments without some of the typical caveats, like a set amount of floor space for a set amount of critical power, which leads to wasted floor space.”


Jabez Tan on Colt acquisition of KVH

  • November 13, 2014

Source: Data Center Knowledge

Colt Acquires KVH in Asia Pacific Expansion

“The acquisition puts Colt in a position to address the emerging strategic interest of global data center providers to establish footprints within core connectivity hubs in Asia,” Jabez Tan, senior analyst for data centers at Structure Research, said. “KVH enables Colt to serve both existing customers and address new opportunities in Asia, providing a platform for Colt from which it can build upon to make the shift into a…


Philbert Shih on Rackspace staying independent

  • September 16, 2014

Source: San Antonio Express News

Rackspace staying independent

Philbert Shih, a Toronto-based analyst who keeps tabs on Rackspace, said the company probably didn’t like its options — which are few considering the company is well established in the cloud-computing arena.

“I do believe that they came to the conclusion that the company is still healthy and growing,” said Shih, managing director of Structure Research Ltd.


Philbert Shih on the state of the union in hosting

  • June 16, 2014


HostingCon 2014: Is It All Coming to an End with Philbert Shih, Structure Research

“I think the sector has meaningfully slowed down,” Shih says. “The rates of growth…we’re definitely not seeing what we used to.”
Aside from customer acquisition, there are several factors contributing to the slowing growth rates. There is less low hanging fruit, and automation has made it easier for customers to buy only what they need. Shih says that overall there is less overbuying as organizations…


Structure Research Expands Analyst Team

  • May 28, 2014

Source: Structure Research Press Release

Structure Research Expands Analyst Team

Additions of Jabez Tan and Sophie Große Ostendorf add depth and scope to analyst team

TORONTO, Ontario – May 28, 2014 – Structure Research, a next generation research firm focused on the global managed hosting and cloud infrastructure services industry, today announced the additions of Jabez Tan and Sophie Große Ostendorf to its analyst team.

Mr. Tan, based in San Francisco, California, will be covering the colocation and data centre market with a…

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