Colocation Update: Retail + Wholesale

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Executive Summary

The colocation market continues to separate. But as quickly as the market separated, there has been a rapid blurring of lines. A number of retail colocation providers – still focused on retail level colocation but shifting more of their value proposition to being cloud gateways – are now playing in wholesale colocation. And while wholesale has taken off, it is a highly competitive market with a somewhat uncertain long-term future and limited upside. As a result, wholesale operators are exploring how they might be able to benefit from crossing over into the retail game. The end result is that the retail + wholesale colocation model has gained momentum. And all signs point to it being an increasingly important part of the competitive landscape going forward. The public cloud is at the centre of all this as organizations look to use cloud more effectively and efficiently, while adopting at a pace and approach that makes sense from a performance, security, compliance and operational perspective. This report takes a closer look at the recent shift to the retail + wholesale colocation model. Why is it happening and who are the players? And what are the implications for data centre operators?