Hong Kong Data Centre Supply Report 2017

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The Hong Kong Data Centre Supply Report is an in-depth study that measures the aggregate size of the market and utilization from a space and power perspective. This version includes detailed pricing analysis and projections for wholesale and retail colocation deployments. We take it a step further by breaking out Hong Kong into five unique sub-regions:

  • Tseung Kwan O
  • Kowloon West (Tsuen Wan / Kwai Chung)
  • Hong Kong Island
  • New Territories North (Fo Tan, Sha Tin, Fanling, Tai Po)
  • Kowloon East (San Po Kong, Kwun Tong)


Executive Summary

The Hong Kong data centre market continues to grow and evolve. In 2016, the market was worth $705.5m USD and is projected to hit nearly $1.5b in 2021. The projected five-year CAGR is 16%.

Picking up from our last report, the growth trajectory of the market remains steady, but there is a slight downtick in the five-year CAGR. The change reflects one of the most important nuances within the Hong Kong market: the scarcity of land in general and the difficulty in obtaining it for data centre development. There has been a lack of new inventory, and without it, there will be fewer options in the market and less opportunity for growth. The trending in the market to wholesale and the corresponding pressure on prices have also had an impact.

Despite these challenges, the market remains healthy and continues to move forward. While supply has largely been unchanged, there remains a pipeline of demand and the inventory to support it. Our data and projections show a meaningful uptick in overall absorption rates since our last report.

This is a market in flux. Our data predicts the market will be roughly evenly split between retail and wholesale by 2021. And this should come as no surprise. Mainland Chinese customers will continue to be a primary driver for the foreseeable future as telco, content and cloud providers use Hong Kong as a jumping point to the wider Asia-pacific region.

And that is one of the unique characteristics of the Hong Kong market. There are multiple reasons for being in Hong Kong. It is both a springboard in and out of China and a plausible location for service providers and enterprises entering the region. There are also local industries like financial services and a developing startup culture that will contribute to future growth.

This report takes an in-depth look at the primary metrics that tell the story of the Hong Kong colocation market. We track the market’s size and growth trajectory and provide a five-year CAGR projection, along with a detailed analysis of the underlying supply and demand dynamics. Our proprietary methodology takes this analysis to a number of levels. First, colocation supply is measured from both a space and power perspective. Second, all market metrics – including space, power and revenue – are classified and then measured as either retail or wholesale colocation. Third, we size the market – again, from both a retail and colocation perspective – on an aggregated and sub-regional basis. This report is an excellent resource for any service provider, investor or end user (service provider or enterprise) that is looking to understand and project the data centre market in Hong Kong or find a service provider.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Key Takeaways

Hong Kong Colocation: Metric Takeaways

2017 vs. 2016 Report: What’s Changed and Why

List of Companies Covered

Hong Kong Data Centre Sub-Regional Map

Hong Kong Data Centre Distribution

Hong Kong Colocation Market Size, 2016-2021

Hong Kong Colocation Market: SWOT Analysis

Hong Kong Market Size: Wholesale Colocation

Hong Kong Market Size: Retail Colocation

Hong Kong Market Size: Wholesale vs. Retail Colocation

Hong Kong Colocation Pricing: Wholesale Colocation

– 2017 Projections

Hong Kong Colocation Pricing: Retail Colocation

– 2017 Projections

Hong Kong Data Centre Developments

Connectivity Developments

Hong Kong Colocation Leaderboards

Hong Kong Data Centre Supply Charts

– Rack Sqft Market Share

– Critical MW Market Share

– Rack Capacity Market Share

– Current Capacity

– Data Centre Utilization Projections, 2016-2021

Rack Capacity & Space Utilization Projections, 2016-2021

Critical MW & Power Utilization Projections, 2016-2021 Data Centre Colocation Market Pipeline: 2014-2018

Hong Kong Submarine Cable Landing Stations

Future Land Sites Available for Data Centre Development Hong Kong Operational Data Centres:

– Wholesale Colocation Data Centres

– Retail & Mixed Colocation Data Centres

Hong Kong Colocation Reseller List

Hong Kong Colocation Provider Lists

– Data Centre Footprint

– Services Offered

– Customer Profile

Customer Wins

Cloud Developments

New Builds and Expansions

M&A Developments

China Developments Impacting the Hong Kong Market

Earnings and Financial Results

Other Developments

Operational Data Centres, Regional Distribution

Hong Kong Rack Sqft Projections, 2016-2021

Rack Sqft, Regional Distribution

Hong Kong Rack Capacity Projections, 2016-2021

Rack Capacity, Regional Distribution

Hong Kong Critical MW Projections, 2016-2021

Critical Power Capacity, Regional Distribution

Hong Kong Colocation Revenue Projections, 2016-2021

Colocation Revenue, Regional Distribution

Hong Kong Regional Overview: Tseung Kwan O

Hong Kong Regional Overview: Kowloon West

Hong Kong Regional Overview: Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Regional Overview: New Territories North

Retail vs. Wholesale Colocation

Table Comparison




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