Infrastructure Landscape Update

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The market continues to evolve. What are the the most important shifts shaping the landscape?

Executive Summary

The infrastructure services sector has had a very predictable quality to it over the years. Things have evolved, but change has been incremental and gradual. Even today, the business in many ways, still looks somewhat like it did back in the late 90s/early 2000s. AWS entered the market way back in 2006, very quietly and inconspicuously, but it was not until the last few years that Amazon and other hyperscale clouds began to hit a meaningful point of critical mass. And once that happened, the ripple effects began to make its presence felt, with change across the sector becoming much more pronounced. And that change is now moving at an accelerating pace. Providers are fading under the weight of public cloud and others have been forced to pivot into new product lines and verticals. Because of the many different, but interrelated pieces of the infrastructure value chain, the change has played itself out in many different ways. The impact on an SMB hoster, for example, is very different from a provider focused on colocation. This report details the most noteworthy shifts in the market landscape that have taken place and projects their impact and likely trajectory. A new world is emerging and if one thing is guaranteed, it is that things won’t be the same again.

Table of Contents

+ Executive Summary
+ Public Cloud Replacing XSP-Built/Hosted Cloud
+ Public Cloud Driving Colocation To Wholesale
+ Colocation Separating, Blurring At Same Time
+ Public Cloud Placing Premium On Interconnect
+ Retail Colocation Exiting Managed Hosting?
+ Public Cloud Making Hosting More Specialized
+ Specialization Leading To Application Focus
+ Moving Out To The Edge
+ MSP Pureplay Hoster Line Blurring Fast
+ SMB Hosting Market Separating, Maturing
+ What Is The Next Shift? Containers
+ About the Author
+ Disclosures