Uber, hyperscale, multi-cloud, M&A, data centres

  • April 22, 2019
  • Source: Philbert Shih

Things continue to move along steadily across the sector, though the past week was a bit slower with the long weekend approaching. 

Hyperscale cloud remains the engine with far-reaching ripple effects. And it is the size of customers that is pushing things to unprecedented heights. Uber is another next-generation company with a massive cloud footprint and we got some insights into how and where it buys infrastructure. 

Strategic activity has been relatively slow lately, but there are signs things are ready to pick up. The Zayo assets appear to still be in motion and there is chatter around a number of different assets in the data centre and managed hosting/application space. 

Infrastructure and sovereign wealth funds continue to flock to the sector and this past week, a fund from New Zealand secured an investment in data centre operator CIM Groupin the US. 

Earnings season is already upon us and AWS will kick things off this week. In other regions, iomart reported and disclosed details about a smaller acquisition in London. 

Data centre operators continued to expand capacity and increase interconnection density. Providers active in the past week included CoreSiteNTT’s e-shelterEquinixDataBank and Cogeco Peer1