TikTok, Tencent, cloud, APAC, Europe, M&A, hyperscale, next-generation

  • June 27, 2022
  • Analyst: Philbert Shih

It was another busy week across the sector, highlighted by hyperscale activity, developments in M&A and more data centre expansions.

There were a number of interesting developments in the hyperscale world. TikTok confirmed it would start the process of moving all US-based end user data to Oracle Cloud in a move with implications across the US and APAC. Meanwhile, Tencent completed a significant internal migration of apps to the Tencent Cloud platform that underscores the fact that internal demand at hypercalers is going to be a driver of data centre colocation. Tencent Cloud also shared some interesting insights around the market in Japan.

The TikTok development is obviously good news for Oracle Cloud and it won another logo customer – Vodafone – for its private OCI installation product. Oracle Cloud continues to build in pairs in major markets, adding a Paris region for OCI to complement the first French region that landed in Marseille. Elsewhere in the European hyperscale landscape, Google Cloud brought online its newest region in Milan, Italy.

Another interesting development in hyperscale cloud saw AWS roll out its latest line of Graviton processors. AWS shared some useful data points regarding the performance improvements, which translate to the scale benefits that hyperscalers continually capitalize on and use to drive innovation.

There was more M&A activity that spanned the ecosystem. On the managed public cloud side, Mission closed another acquisition, while in edge, Limelight closed its acquisition of Edgecast and re-branded as Edgio and DataBank completed a recapitalization that will see it commit to a long-term growth plan.

Finally, there was more expansion activity, with noteworthy activity in the NoVA area. Quantum Loophole started construction of its data centre campus in Frederick, Maryland and NTT acquired land for a campus build in NoVA.