About Us

Structure Research is an independent research and consulting firm with a specific focus on the cloud and data centre segments within the Internet infrastructure market. We are devoted to understanding, tracking and projecting the future of infrastructure service providers.

Our mission is to publish the best research and analysis, and supply the most comprehensive data sets, about the Internet infrastructure services market. We provide the information and perspective necessary to make accurate strategic decisions.

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What Makes Us Unique

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    Structure Research is devoted to the Internet infrastructure value chain. We are all about the service provider world.

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    We excel in delivering highly consumable research content in shorter and concise formats.

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    Structure Research has built extensive repositories of metrics and data points that informs our analysis and is available for consumption in online databases.

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    Structure Research aims to disrupt traditional research approaches with new ways of measuring and analyzing sector trends and developments.

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    Structure Research centres around the middle of the market and is not exclusively focused on the enterprise like most incumbent research firms.

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    We take pride in being a boutique firm with no bureaucracy. We get stuff done and we get it done quickly.

Our History

  • 2011

    Structure Research, based in Toronto, was founded in October 2011 as a boutique firm focused exclusively on the Internet infrastructure value chain.

  • 2012

    Structure Research brings on first clients.

  • 2013

    Structure Research hires first analyst with a focus on hosting in Europe.

  • 2014

    Structure Research brings on second analyst with a focus on data centres and the Asia-pacific region.

  • 2015

    Structure Research launches new data centre supply assessment methodology that accounts for both space and power and splits out sub-regions within a single market.

    Structure Research introduces sell to service providers research and consulting program.

    Structure Research launches proprietary database that tracks service providers and marketshare metrics.

  • 2016

    Structure Research adds analyst in UK to focus on data centre market.

    Structure Research publishes data centre supply reports for Singapore and Hong Kong.

    Structure Research publishes first marketshare study reports on hyperscale cloud and colocation.

  • 2017

    Structure Research publishes data centre supply report for Australia.

    Structure Research pushes client count to 70+.

  • 2018

    Structure Research hosts first inaugural infra // STRUCTURE executive summit in Toronto.

    Structure Research adds analyst in Toronto to focus on data centres and managed services.

    Structure Research publishes data centre supply report for Japan.

    Structure Research publishes first marketshare study on managed infrastructure services.

  • 2019

    Structure Research hosts second annual infra / STRUCTURE executive summit in Toronto.

    Structure Research publishes data centre supply reports for Toronto and Montreal.

    Structure Research hosts first annual Structure Invest webinar in New York City.

    Structure Research hosts first annual Structure APEX executive summit in Singapore.

  • 2020

    Structure Research rolls out new webinar series amid pandemic environment.

    Structure Research adds another analyst in Toronto to focus on data centres and hyperscale cloud.

    Structure Research publishes new data centre supply reports for Paris, Amsterdam and Jakarta.