Jabez Tan on High-Density, NTT, Telcos and Data Centres

  • February 3, 2016

Source: Data Center Dynamics

As we noted before, Hong Kong’s proximity to mainland China means operators are able to tap into the data center market on mainland China. And the fact that Hong Kong is governed under a legal system that puts it outside the Internet censorship enforced on the mainland means that Chinese tech businesses looking to expand into regional or international markets are likely to do so from Hong Kong.

“With the surge of telcos looking to exit the data centre business, NTT Communications has taken the opposite strategy and has instead built more data centers with its latest being FDC2 in Hong Kong,” wrote Jabez Tan, a senior analyst specializing in data centers at Structure Research to DCD.

“NTT in particular has benefitted from a growing base to global enterprise customers looking for a more holistic set of IT offerings, with big name customers such as Microsoft driving the expansion activity in Hong Kong,” said Tan, who also noted that NTT also offers “unique value propositions”.

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