Philbert Shih on Rackspace CEO search

  • April 4, 2014

Source: San Antonio Express News

Rackspace looks for CEO amid a price war

“The best bet for Rackspace is to get an in-house candidate — just because culture is so important to the organization,” said Philbert Shih, an industry analyst and managing director for Structure Research. “An internal candidate probably has a leg up, versus getting someone from outside the company. Again, because the organization’s focus and value proposition is just so built around the culture there, fostering the culture and…


Philbert Shih on Internap acquisition of iWeb

  • October 30, 2013


Internap Acquires Montreal Web Hosting Provider iWeb for $145M

“Internap’s acquisition of iWeb has a number of angles that could drive some interesting synergies for Internap. There are some common technologies running with both firms and the billing system – typically something that is difficult or never properly integrated in mergers -­ runs Ubersmith (which Internap owns) on both sides,” Philbert Shih, managing director of Structure Research. “Internap also acquires scale, hosting revenues, more data center footprint, entry…


Structure Research Releases Hosting and Cloud Hot Topic Report Series

  • November 6, 2012

Source: Structure Research Press Release

Structure Research Releases Hosting and Cloud Hot Topic Report Series

Expanded offerings and services coming in 2013

TORONTO, Ontario – November 26, 2012 – Structure Research, a next generation research firm focused on the global web hosting and cloud infrastructure services industry, today announced the release of its Hot Topic Report series.

Hot Topic Reports are published once every two months and analyze a trend or topic of interest. The reports are concise and to the point and…