Singapore Data Centre Supply Report 2017

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The Singapore Data Centre Supply Report is an in-depth study that measures the aggregate size of the Singapore colocation market from a revenue generation standpoint and utilization from a space and power perspective. This version includes detailed pricing analysis and projections for wholesale and retail colocation deployments as well as vertical segmentation break outs, and a massive scale cloud node map that compares the breakdown between self built and leased third party data centres for the massive-scale cloud providers in Singapore. There are data centre provider leaderboards that distinguish between revenue, space and power capacity in Singapore along with sub-regional analysis that further splits the Singapore market into three sub-regions: East, West and North.

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Executive Summary

The Singapore data centre market continues to show an upward growth trajectory – propelled by solid fundamental demand drivers and a strong political-economic foundation. Singapore has become the de facto jumping-off point for organizations that want to serve the Asia-region, particularly southeast Asia, and increasingly, emerging markets like India and China.

Serving users in the region is often done on the cloud. And as a result, massive-scale clouds have been the primary driver of the aggressive build activity we have seen in the last 24 months. Wholesale operators have been a primary beneficiary and not surprisingly, the market has shifted to the point where just about half the market’s value is generated by wholesale colocation. This has put consistent pressure on pricing and intensified competition to unprecedented levels. Local operators, established players, incumbent telcos and a number of global providers are all competing in this market. Meanwhile, investment vehicles and other technology and real estate entities are contemplating dipping their toes into the market. Interest is strong across the board.

The cloud buildout has been so extensive that we have mapped out the massive-scale cloud deployments in Singapore and aggregated the portion of the total supply that this demographic absorbs. On top of this, we have drilled into how much of that supply is contained in proprietary data centres and what lives in third party facilities.

This recent run driven by massive-scale cloud and wholesale colocation is not going to continue uninterrupted in its current shape and form. The market is already starting to shift as the massive-scale clouds are increasingly opting to build – a phenomenon not seen in other markets across the APAC region. And this will definitely have repercussions, shifting the demand profile, tempering wholesale demand and altering competitive dynamics.

The latest version of our Singapore Data Centre Supply Report takes an in-depth look at the size, growth trajectory and supply and demand dynamics of the Singapore colocation market. According to Structure Research projections, the market was worth $934m in 2017 and is expected to grow at a five-year CAGR of 12%.

This report analyzes supply and demand from both a space and power perspective and sizes the market on both an aggregated and sub-regional basis. All the metrics presented also distinguish between retail and wholesale colocation. And for the first time, we examine the demand profile within the market on a vertical basis.

This report is an excellent resource for any service provider, investor or enterprise end user looking to understand and project the data centre market in Singapore or find a service provider.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Singapore: Key Takeaways

Singapore Colocation: Metric Takeaways

List of Companies Covered

Singapore Data Centre Distribution Map

Singapore Massive-Scale Cloud Data Centres Map

Singapore Market: Massive-Scale Cloud Breakdown

Singapore Colocation Market Size, 2016-2021

Singapore Colocation Market: SWOT Analysis

Singapore Market Size: Wholesale Colocation

Singapore Market Size: Retail Colocation

Singapore Market Size: Wholesale vs. Retail Colocation

Singapore Colocation Pricing 2017

Singapore Colocation Pricing: Wholesale

Singapore Colocation Pricing: Retail

Singapore Data Centre Market Share: By Industry Vertical

Colocation Leaderboards

Singapore Data Centre Supply Charts

– Rack Sqft Market Share

– Critical MW Market Share

– Rack Capacity Market Share

– Current Capacity

– Data Centre Utilization Projections, 2016-2021

Rack Capacity & Space Utilization Projections, 2016-2021

Critical MW & Power Utilization Projections, 2016-2021

Total New Data Centre Build Capacity

Operational Capacity Phased Build Out

Singapore Colocation Reseller List

Operational Data Centres, Regional Distribution 

Singapore Rack Sqft Projections, 2017-2021

Rack Sqft, Regional Distribution

Singapore Rack Capacity Projections, 2017-2021

Rack Capacity, Regional Distribution

Singapore Critical MW Projections, 2017-2021

Critical Power Capacity, Regional Distribution

Singapore Colocation Revenue Projections, 2017-2021

Colocation Revenue, Regional Distribution

Singapore Colocation Provider List

 – Data Centre Footprint

 – Services Offered

– Customer Profile

Singapore Regional Overview: North Region

Singapore Regional Overview: East Region

Singapore Regional Overview: West Region

Customer Wins, Partnerships

International M&A Activity from Singapore Providers

New Data Centre Builds and Expansions

Cloud Developments

Table Comparison




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